Camouflage Lanyards

Psst… over here. No, here! Looking for some lanyards that are a little bit different? Check out our camouflage lanyards.

We stock five variations on our printed camouflage lanyards to choose from:

  • Jungle camouflage lanyards (shades of green)
  • Forest camouflage lanyards (darker shades of green)
  • Urban camouflage lanyards (shades of grey)
  • Arctic camouflage lanyards (shades of blue and grey)
  • Desert camouflage lanyards (shades of sand colours)

Camouflage lanyards are part of our premium lanyards range, all produced in quality smooth polyester and are supplied with a swivel metal trigger clip and safety break positioned optimally at the back of the neck.

Our premium lanyards range are supplied in packs of 10 lanyards. Available to buy online today from

About Lanyards Shop UK

At LanyardsShop, we supply an absolutely huge range of stock lanyards in more than 20 different colours and styles including standard plain stock, pre-printed, premium design lanyards, accessories, ID Card Holders and more. Drop by, say ‘hi’ and see what we can do for you. Order online Monday to Friday for next working day delivery.

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