Sports Snoods / Bandanas as Face Covers

As we try to return to as normal a way of life as possible post-Covid19, the mandatory (or soon to be mandatory) use of face masks in public places (including on public transport, shops, in schools, colleges, universities and other venues) is important in combination with other social distancing measure to reduce the chance of coronavirus transmission. This is especially urgent now given the recently emerging more-transmissable variant strains of Covid19.

Our stylish sports snoods or bandanas can be cunningly folded and worn to give 1, 2 or even 3-ply face covering, which should satisfy the most stringent requirements placed on us as we go about our daily lives. We carry a large selection of plain coloured, camouflage, rainbow or animal print bandanas in stock to buy today (supplied in packs of 2 bandanas – order from just a single pack so you can wear one and wash one!) or if you’re looking to order in bulk (just 50 units per design) you could opt for a custom printed bandana for your school, business, venue or organisation.

Double Masking SnoodWe’re now seeing snoods being rather well used for so-called “double-masking”. People are often spotted wearing a normal PPE-style surgical face mask with a nose wire and are layering up with a sports snood as 1-ply on top. We’ve tried this and have found no issue with air-flow when breathing. The only side effect we can see is that you run the risk of looking even more fabulous!

Folding for 1, 2, 3-Ply Face Cover

Your Sports Bandana can be worn as 1-ply or can be folded in half inwards for 2-ply. Folding for 3-ply can be done as follows (click the following to view a larger image).


Want a quote for your own printed snoods?

Discover our huge range of custom snood options including standard printed bandanas,  recycled PET, sports lycra bandanas, fleece-lined, reflective/high-vis strip bandanas and more at Sports Promos UK.


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