Tartan Lanyards? In Stock? Oh Well Plaid!

As a UK lanyards supplier based just outside Glasgow, it would be remiss of us not to stock a number of excellent Scottish Tartan-Inspired Lanyard designs. So we do.

The printed tartan lanyards kept in stock are inspired by the following popular Scottish tartans:

  • Blackwatch Tartan (dark blue, green and black)
  • Robertson Hunting Tartan (blue, green, black with hints of yellow and red)
  • Royal Stewart Tartan (red, green, black and more)
  • Dress Wallace Tartan (red, black and yellow)
  • Fraser Outlander Tartan (blue-grey, brown, yellow and red)
  • MacDonald Tartan (green, blue, black and red)
  • MacLean (green and black)
  • Pride o’ Scotland (purple/blue, black, green and pink)
  • Wallace Outlander Tartan (shades of grey and white)

Our in stock tartan lanyards are supplied with a quality metal trigger clip, a stylish metal ferrule (crimp) next to the clip and a centrally-positioned black safety break. Supplied in packs of 5 tartan printed lanyards.

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