Featured Product: Custom Sweat Bands

Wrist sweatbands are a classic and effective promotional product for sports teams, clubs, gyms and event sponsors/organisers. Great for raising awareness of charities.

Produced in 100% terry cotton, the sweatbands can be coloured as you prefer then your logo can be applied directly to the sweatband by embroidery in 1 colour. For more complicated logos and additional colours, the embroidery can firstly be reproduced on a patch with a finer weave allowing more stitches to be applied and therefore more complicated logo reproduction. The patch is then attached to the sweatband.

Wrist sweatbands are sold individually so, if you’re preference is to order in pairs, don’t forget to double up on your order quantity! Or, Why not go “full-Wimbledon” and combine with a custom head sweatband?

About SportsPromos.co.uk

Over at SportsPromos.co.uk, we supply a range of sports-related promotional products aimed at companies and organisations in the fitness sector and organisations perhaps running their own outdoor events.

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