Plain Lanyards in a Hurry – Stock Unprinted Lanyards to Order Today

Stock Lanyards Options

Unprinted/Plain Lanyards

1cm Bootlace (L) and 2cm Flat-Ribbed (R) Polyester Lanyards in Turquoise Option.

Our stock plain lanyards are available in a huge selection of colours to suit your event. You can choose from two styles, 1cm bootlace polyester lanyards (sometimes referred to as ‘tubular lanyards’) or 2cm flat-ribbed ribbon polyester lanyards. Both styles of lanyard come complete with a black plastic breakaway located centrally at the back of the neck (for optimal safety) and are supplied in bags of 10 lanyards. Our simple pricing policy means that you can choose from 2 great styles for 1 great price.

Plain 2cm flat-ribbed lanyards – we stock 20 fab colours as follows:

Plain Lanyard Colours
2cm Flat-Ribbed Lanyards are Available in a Choice of 20 Fab Colours. In Stock to Order Now.

And plain 1cm bootlace lanyards – we have 19 fab colours in stock as follows:

Tubular Lanyards
1cm Bootlace Lanyards – We Stock 19 Fab Colours to Suit Almost Any Event or Workplace. Buy Online.

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