Rubber Coasters – Bounce Your Brand About

We would argue that moulded PVC coasters could well be the perfect promotional product. The ideal promotional gifts work to get your brand exposure to as many relevant people as possible (and ideally in a way that will attract attention and even spark a dialogue) as often as possible. The fact that they’re also affordable is an added bonus!

The reason that desk products such as coasters, mugs and mouse mats are so effective, is because they’re on view on the desks of your customers or prospective customers, every working day. And, because they’re useful products, they are much more likely to be retained and used for the full lifetime of the product.

Rubber Coasters with Custom-Shape

PVC Rubber Coasters are moulded to your logo so you can choose a standard circular or square coaster or you can even opt for a custom-shaped coaster, perhaps to the shape of your logo. The only limit is your imagination. Moreover, your logo can be embossed (raised up from the coaster surface) or debossed (sunk into the coaster) or, if your design allows it, flush with the surface of the coaster (to limit wobbly cuppas).

Your designs can be reproduced in up to 5 spot (solid) colours (more colours at a small additional cost per colour) and lead times are 3-4 weeks from artwork/proof approval.

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